Multiple issues can arise when creating a Scheduler. One of the most common ones is not getting any dates when making schedulers live. This can be caused by one of two reasons:

Calendar Conflicts

In some cases, you will run into an issue where an already booked date, event or previous engagement has blocked out the availability on your scheduler. The first thing we recommend checking is in your calendar in Sprout for any events booked at the same time as the proposed time on the scheduler. The conflict can either be caused by overlapping times or the event is marked as busy and/or all day.

Note: You might need to check your Google Calendar if the date won't let you change whether it's busy or free.

Incorrect Availability

Additional problems can arise from your availability in the scheduler itself. These errors are most commonly attributed to:

  • Incorrect date length in the date details.

  • Buffers and time between shoots do not add up to the total shoot length.

  • Limited bookings per day do not fit into the time available.

  • Shoot length longer than time available during that day.

  • The booking window is too short and the session is too close to the minimum days to book.

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