Your Sprout Studio Scheduler can be embedded directly onto your website to make it seem like it's a part of the web page itself. You just need to have your scheduler embed code handy to do this. With this article, we will focus on how to attach your scheduler to a Wix website.

To find your scheduler embed code, go to Dashboard > Scheduler > and click the three dots beside the scheduler you want to use. Click the Embed button. You will have an option between 2 different codes. For Wix, any of these codes will work, but we suggest that you use the script code on your site.

If you are using the iFrame code, you need to note that they have a static height, meaning if your form exceeds the height of the iFrame, it will get cut off. If this happens, don't fret! You just need to adjust the height of the form in the code. You'll change where it says height="1000" to the new height of the form. This is not an issue if you are using the script embed code. This is because the script automatically adjusts the height of the form according to the screen size.

In Wix

  1. Add a new 'Custom Embed' > 'HTML iframe element' to your page

  2. Click 'Edit Code'

  3. Under 'HTML Settings', choose the 'Code' option, and paste your new Wix embed code. Click 'Update' when you're done to save the form.

Feel free to resize and move the Embed Element on to suit your design and form.

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