Note: This is only available on the Pro and Studio plans

Once you start getting busy with your business, building a Booking Proposal can be a bit tedious. That's exactly why we built out Booking Proposal Templates! You can template a proposal for certain scenarios and apply it to your Leads to save you time.

To build out a Booking Proposal Template, go to Settings > Booking > Proposal Templates to manage your Booking Proposal templates. You can edit one you've already created, or create a new one by clicking "+" beside Proposal Templates. Here, you can customize:

  • Scheduler - You can optionally attach a calendar to your booking page in order to have your client pick a date and time for something. This could be for the shoot date, an additional session date (like an engagement session), a meeting, etc.

  • Welcome and thank-you messages - These are shown as the first and last steps of the Booking Proposal page. You can use one of your template messages (and optionally customize it just for this Booking Proposal) or create a new message for this Booking Proposal.

  • Available packages and Offerings - You must first choose a price list, and then you can add packages for your client to choose from by clicking the “Add Package” button. If you’d rather not give them a choice, you can add only 1 package which will be selected by default.

  • Contract - You can optionally choose to require a contract to be signed within the Booking Proposal. Enable the “Require Contract” toggle, and choose from one of your template contracts (and optionally customize it for this booking page) or create a new contract just for this Booking Proposal.

  • Payment schedule - You can choose the payment schedule (otherwise known as a payment plan) for your client by choosing the “Payment Schedule” toggle. Once you do, you can click the “Add Payment Schedule” button to add a template payment schedule or create a new one. If you’d rather keep the default “Single Payment” option, which is one lump sum payment due at the time of booking, you can choose the “Single Payment” option.

  • Questionnaire - You can optionally add a Questionnaire as a step in the Booking Proposal for your client to fill out. You can use one of your template Questionnaires (and optionally edit it just for this Booking Proposal) or create a new Questionnaire for this Booking Proposal.

There's more info you can set on the right side of the page. You have the option to change the Expiration date, the currency being charged, whether or not there are notes set, your applicable Assistant settings, and a number of Settings, which include:

  • Shoot Workflow - Add a Shoot workflow to the proposal after it's booked.

  • Payment Methods - Add your preferred method to collect payment from the client.

  • Tax - Add taxes automatically to the final order.

  • Email Link to Shoot - E-mail the client a link to the Portal.

  • Allow Coupons - This is what sets whether the Coupon box shows up on the Booking Proposal or not.

When you finish setting up your template, click the "Save" button in the top right corner of the template.

Applying a Booking Proposal Template

To apply a Booking Proposal Template, you need to the Booking Proposal section of the Lead you're looking to book, or the Booking Page you're building out.

While on this page, look for the "Apply Template" button on the right side of the page. You can choose your template from a dropdown and apply it to your proposal.

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