Your Sprout Studio contact form can be embedded directly onto your website to make it seem like it's a part of the web page itself. You just need to have your email sign-up form embed code handy to do this. With this article, we will focus on how to attach your email sign-up form to a WordPress website.

To find your Form embed code, go to Email Marketing > Email Lists and click the email list you want the emails to be stored in. After that, you will just need to click on the three dots towards the right of the sign-up form and then select the View Embed Code button in the options next to the form. You will have an option between 3 different codes. For WordPress, any of these codes will work, but we suggest that you use the iFrame code on your site.

Once you're viewing your embed code, select all of the text and copy it. Go to your WordPress site and go to your Contact page. On your Contact page, click on the "Text" button in the top right corner of the main content box to allow you to enter in HTML text. Paste your Embed Code in the main content box.

After you've pasted the code in, make any necessary changes to the code and click Publish in Wordpress to publish your page. If for any reason your form is cut off, you can fix it by simply changing the pixel height in the iFrame code (where it says height: XXpx;). This is only necessary when using the iFrame code

Note: This method will only work with websites created from

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