Email campaigns are an excellent method to keep your customers informed about forthcoming events, promotions, and special deals. Building a successful relationship with your clients requires knowing which e-mail campaign to deploy and when.

A question you may want to ask yourself is "Am I looking to have multiple emails sent out over time, or one e-mail to all my clients once?"

Email Drip Campaign

A drip email campaign is a method of sending a series of emails to a group of people. You must choose how additional emails will be sent after the campaign is active, and then choose how frequently subsequent emails with further information will be sent out. This format is an excellent approach to keep your client up to date on new information and offers.

Bulk Email

Bulk email is another option for your campaign to reach out to a large number of people at once. A bulk email is a wonderful technique to reach a large number of clients at once. This layout works best for a newsletter or a single event.

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