The Sprout Studio community group is geared towards any questions you have about Sprout Studio or even photography in general. It's a community of photographers that are all dedicated to helping others make a living doing what they love.

Any updates regarding Sprout Studio or otherwise will be posted directly to the group.

Click the link below to join!

Just note these group rules when joining:

1. Support with Sprout / Feature Requests

If you have specific requests or need help, please email or click the "in-app messaging" button in the bottom-right corner while logged into Sprout Studio.

Do not tag Bryan in posts to get his attention. Send your request to where one of our Support experts can help you.

2. Where to look for assistance

Common questions and How To's can be found at the following links. Step-by-step instructions: Guided tutorials:

3. Tag a Support Team member

If you need clarification on how something works please reach out directly to one of our Support staff.

4. Hate Speech and Respect

As humans, we should behave in the group's best interests and aid everyone by focusing on the problem rather than on each other. Comments directed at an individual in a negative manner will not be tolerated.

5. Stay on topic

Try to keep the conversation focused on the topic at hand. Any further discussion can be had through direct messages.

6. Spam/Advertising

Limit your posts to a request for assistance or clarification; do not republish in an attempt to elicit a faster response.

Please do not include the sale of items, services or workshops.

7. Repeated Content and Posts

Check to see whether or not your issue has already been addressed in recent days.

8. Set the scene

Offer as much information as possible before posting. When discussing the issue offer procedures and steps to duplicate the problem.

9. Products or services that are similar to Sprout

Although we are aware that there are competing software offerings, this is a forum for Sprout support, so let's focus on what Sprout can do rather than what another competitor is doing.

10. Be courteous and considerate

The rule is self-explanatory

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