When it comes to your gallery, you have a number of options, and these parameters allow you to customize your gallery experience.

There are five tabs that can to be adjusted in total.



  • Style - Select from tiles, waterfall or a horizontal layout.

  • Theme - Light or Dark.

  • Spacing and Size - The space between each image

  • Show Filenames - On or Off.

  • Navigation - icons, text or both. This changes how your shop and favourites icons will appear.

  • Show brand logo in the header - On or Off.

  • Watermark - Add/Remove a watermark.

  • Gallery Cover - On the left side of the settings modal you can set your cover, cover style and preview the options.


  • User flow - Click + to Select a welcome message.

  • Slideshow - Turn the slideshow function on/off for all photos or specific folders.

  • Video - Add a Youtube or Vimeo video to your gallery.

  • Require email - Require visitors to the gallery to use an e-mail address to enter the gallery.

  • Allow Social Sharing - Show or hide the social sharing button for the gallery.


  • URL - edit and copy the URL for your gallery.

  • Attached to - Attach the gallery to a Shoot but clicking + Attach

  • Restrict Access - Give access only to your logged-in client or optionally add a password for visitors who aren't logged in.

  • Expiration - Specify if the gallery expires, and when.

  • Placeholder - A placeholder gallery allows you to collect email addresses to notify once photos are available.

  • Include on catalog - Include this gallery on your brand gallery catalog page.


  • Price List - Select which Price List will be used to offer products in the gallery.

  • Tax - Select which tax will be used when purchasing from the gallery.

  • Payment Methods - Select which payment methods to be used at check out in the gallery.

  • Shipping Methods - Select which shipping option will be used for users when ordering physical goods or prints

  • Allow Coupons - Show or hide the coupon box when gallery visitors are purchasing items and checking out in your gallery.


  • Download Permissions - Specify who can download photos from the gallery, and what they can download, 1-by-1 (single) or in bulk (all). This setting can be applied to both gallery visitors and clients who log in.

  • Password - Enable a password to protect all downloads.

  • Advanced Settings - Folders available for download - Specify which folders can be downloaded.

  • Download size - Specify which download preset will be used for gallery visitors or Logged-in Clients.

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