When it comes to the gallery you have a plethora of options at your disposal. These settings allow you to customize the gallery experience. There are five total tabs to make adjustments.


  • Visibility - the gallery is public or private.

  • Expires - the gallery is set to expire after a set amount of time or permanently active.

  • Link - the direct URL to the gallery.

  • Email - Email the gallery link to the attached client.

  • Attached to - which shoot the gallery is attached to, this can be turned off.

  • Message template - This will display in a Welcome modal when your client first views the Gallery. If no Message Template is used, there will be no Welcome message displayed

  • On Catalog - If on, this gallery will display on the Gallery catalog page

  • Placeholder- A Placeholder Gallery makes the Gallery URL viewable, but it doesn't show any images. It will ask for an email address for visitors to sign up to be notified once the Gallery images are available for viewing

  • Require Email - Choose to require an email address for any visitor viewing this Gallery.


  • Gallery Status - Toggle between view states of the gallery; Live allows your client to see and interact with the gallery, Draft hides your gallery from clients.

  • Cover Style - Gallery Cover Style allows you to specify what the default cover of your Galleries look like. You can also override this on a per gallery basis. The cover is the first page of the Gallery before the Gallery itself is loaded.

  • Thumbnail Type - You can choose to have your thumbnails shown as a Grid, Masonry or Waterfall view.

  • Slideshow Format - You can choose how the Desktop Slideshow will appear, or disable it entirely.

  • Theme - Choose between different themes for Galleries, your global branding colour will also be applied on top of the theme.

  • Watermark - You can have all your images automatically watermarked in the Gallery by choosing one of your Watermark Presets that you created in Settings.

  • Social - You can choose to show or hide the social sharing widget when viewing individual images in the Gallery.

  • Filenames - You can choose to show or hide filenames when viewing individual images in the Gallery.

  • All Photos - Whether or not to show the 'All Photos' Collection in the Collection chooser when the Gallery is viewed.

  • Gallery Start - Choose what the client initially sees after the cover photo.


  • Price List - Choose which Price List (and its Print Sizes) you'd like to make available for purchases for this Gallery.

  • Tax - The Tax that is applied to all Orders from this Gallery.

  • Payment Methods - Which payment methods are enabled for this order and it's invoices. Any default methods will be set automatically when the order is created. You can optionally enable or disable any options as well

  • Shipping Methods - Select what shipping methods you are going to offer if any.

  • Allow Coupons - Choose whether or not to allow the client to use a coupon.


  • Download Permissions for Everyone - Allow the download of all photos or single photos.

  • Download Permissions for Logged in Clients - Allow the download of all photos or single photos.

Virtual IPS

  • Global Time Limit - You can specify whether or not you'd like to imply a time limit for the Virtual IPS Gallery. Once the time has run out, the Virtual IPS Gallery will no longer be visible. The time limit is displayed prominently in a Virtual IPS Gallery.

  • Slideshow - You can choose to enable or disable the slideshow at the beginning of the Virtual IPS Gallery, this will not affect the Yes/No/Maybe step.

  • Yes/No/Maybe - You can specify how much time your client has to click yes, no, or maybe when selecting their images.

  • Small Prints - Allows clients to be able to preview 10in x 10in or smaller prints in a picture frame (previewed on a desk), cycle through different sizes, crop, and then order the prints. Only prints of that size or less in your Price List will be available in this step.

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