With Sprout Studio you can set up a variety of shipping options for client orders. You can offer anything from a free pick up or the delivery option to a fixed or table rate which is variable based on the amount of the order, and payable at the time of the order.

How to create a shipping setting

Go to Settings > Pricing & Booking > Shipping Options. Clicking " + New Shipping Setting" will open a window where you can give this option a name, select whether it will be a manual/flat rate shipping option or a table rate/variable shipping option, and designate whether this option will be available on all orders by default. This is also where you would indicate whether this option is taxable in accordance with your local laws and post office.

With each shipping setting, you will also be able to add any instructions you would like to give your clients in regards to the shipping setting they have selected. For example, if someone selected a setting you had titled "Delivery and Set Up", you can include details for scheduling a time for the delivery as well as facilitating the collection of details about where in their home they will be hanging the order, etc.

How to specify shipping settings per gallery

In your gallery settings under "Selling," you will have the option to review what shipping method is being offered. Each method with a blue checkmark indicates it will be available for orders made in the gallery.

Note: Your shipping settings do not affect the lab shipping charges when using Lab Fulfillment. Those are set specifically by the lab.

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