Note: This feature is only available on the Pro and Studio plans.

Design Proofs have settings to help you manage the proofs and ensure the best quality images are getting to your client.

When creating a Design Proof, these are a few settings are available in the Design Proofs and how each one can be utilized.

  • Animation: This allows you to showcase a page flip animation when going through the images.

  • Visibility: Allow public access for anyone to see or use a password to limit access to the client only.

  • Theme: Light and Dark themes.

  • Folds: Toggle a fold/gutter mark that displays vertically centred on the design. Great to help the client visualize the center of a book or album design.

  • Link: A link you can share and link the client to for access to the Design Proofs.

  • Attached To: The shoot that the Design Proofs are coming from.

  • Message Template: Choose the Message Template that will display in the Design Proof. Welcome Messages will popup for your client when they open the Design Proof (Optional)

  • Update: Click and save the updated settings.

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