An Email List is a list you can save with a specific set of emails for marketing purposes. You can attach them to any email campaigns in the Email Marketing section.

To create a new Email List, go to Email Marketing > Email Lists and click the "Add New" button at the top of the page.

There are a number of different filters you can use to narrow down your email list. You can choose between:

  • Contacts, which will auto-add all your contacts.

  • Leads, which will auto-add all of your Lead contacts.

  • Shoots, which will auto-add all of your Shoot contacts.

  • Galleries, which will auto-add all of your Gallery contacts (Note: this reads the contacts from the attached Shoot).

  • Gallery Guests will auto-add all of your signed-up contacts from your Gallery email lists.

Each one of these sections has further filters you can use to narrow down your desired email list. It will let you choose between significant dates on the jobs (like inquiry dates, shoot dates, etc.), the Shoot Types, the Statuses on the jobs, and more!

Each Email List has its own signup form to let clients sign up to be a part of that list. You can create a new sign up form by clicking the Sign Up Forms section.

Click "New Signup Form" and choose which type of signup form you'd like to make.

You can choose from:

  • Form, which will create a generic form to collect information.

  • Pop-up, which creates a pop-up box prompting your client for their info.

  • Bar, which creates a bar that goes across your site that prompts your client for their information.

For each of these options, you can edit the way they look and feel on your website. You can customize the layouts, fonts, colours, and more for each type of form.

You can live preview what it would look like on the right side of the editor page.

After you create your desired message, click on the "Embed Code" box right next to your form. You can copy the script form and paste it directly into a code block on your website.

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