The times are changing and Sprout Studio adapts with them! Introducing our new Pronouns feature, which lets you specify the pronouns that your client identifies with. In this article, we'll go over the ways you can specify the pronouns.

How to set your pronouns in Sprout Studio

With Sprout Studio, you can specify your pronouns in your account. When you go to Settings> Account> Users and then click on a user, you can specify user pronouns in the Pronouns field.

How to set your clients pronouns on a contact form

In order for your client to set their pronouns on your contact form, you need to make sure you add that field to your contact form.

This might not be a field you would need on all forms, so we made it an optional field. To find it, you need to edit your contact form under Settings > Communication > Contact Forms, then click the "Add Field" button at the bottom of the page. There's a contact form field called "Pronouns" that you need to add.

How to set your clients pronouns when editing the client

If a client has recently changed their pronouns, or you didn't receive them in the first place, that's ok! You can change this after the fact.

To add pronouns to an already created client, go to the Contacts on the sidebar, then edit the contact. You'll need to click the "Options" button, then choose "Edit" in the dropdown menu.

When you're in the edit mode, you can set your pronoun at the top of the window.

How to set your clients pronoun when adding a lead or shoot

When adding a new lead or shoot, you can specify the pronoun right in the Contact section along with the rest of their contact details. On a shoot, it's on the second page in the contact section.

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