You can create a new brand in Sprout Studio, to allow your clients to get a different experience based on the different types of photography that you offer.

How to create a new brand

To get started with creating a new brand or modifying an existing one first go into your Settings > Branding > Brands click either the brand you want to edit or the "+" button to make a new one.

When adding/editing a brand in settings, a modal will open for you to start creating your new brand. You will be able to upload a brand logo and specify the brand name that will be displayed to clients.

In the "Main Settings" tab, you can set your domain, email address (the one that's shown to the client, not the outgoing email), phone number, website, and who the brand fallback user is.

Next, you'll add your business address to the "Address" section. Just note that this is the front facing address for your business. It will show up on the Client Portal and on Invoices.

The "Accent Color" section is where you'll select your brand colour. You'd use the hex colour closest to your brand colour and add that in. We've given you a few to select from to get started. The account colour is what we use for all front facing pages for things like buttons, headers, etc.

The "Images" section is where you'll upload images used for branding across the site. You can upload your cover photo (your client portal header image), an email header image for the top of your Assistant and pretty emails, and a favicon for the URL bar on any of your front facing pages.

Next up is the "Gallery Cover" section. Here is where you'll set the default cover image you use for your galleries when the brand is assigned. This gives you more control to make sure your Galleries are on brand.

We have 12 different cover style options to begin with, but you can create your own under Settings > Galleries & Designs > Gallery Cover Designs. Just note, this feature isn't available on all plans, so make sure you're on the Pro or Studio plan to use this particular feature.

Last up is the "Brand Portfolio" section. You can upload any number of portfolio images here to be used across Sprout for your Shop. We will randomly choose one of these images to showcase various products on the site.

Once you've set up each section, click the "Save" button in the bottom right corner of the modal to save your brand.

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