How many people listen to the podcast?

Since the show's creation in 2015, The Business of Photography Podcast has released over 400 episodes that have been downloaded over 2 million times.

Who can be a guest on the show?

We are always seeking out interesting guests who have a story to tell, a fresh perspective, and a willingness to share experiences that help others navigate the business side of photography.

Is there a topic you’d like to discuss on the podcast? A topic you’re familiar enough with that you can share specific, actionable takeaways for our audience? Pitch us your idea for a new episode!

Do I have to be a photographer?

While the podcast focuses mainly on photographers and the business side of photography, we've also featured videographers, publishers, business professionals, and lawyers. The idea is to empower photographers with as much information as possible.

If you're a specialist in another field that can help photographers improve their business, come on the show as a Partner!

Can I suggest a guest?

Sure! Send them our guest application, or DM us with their contact info and we'll reach out if we think they're a good fit.

What are the criteria to be a guest on the show?

The selection process is subjective. Our goal is to ensure each guest has enough industry experience to share valuable information with our audience. If you think you have a good insight into a specific industry-related subject, then you already fit our criteria perfectly!

How will my interview be conducted?

Interviews are typically held virtually over Skype and recorded in audio and video format to appeal to different learning styles and audience locations.

Is my interview going to be used in any other way?

With your consent, this will also be shared as a YouTube upload.

We may also use clips from your interview in some of our marketing, as well as snippets for social posts to promote the episode.

Where will my interview play?

On our websites, YouTube, and Podcast via iTunes, Spotify, and other podcasting outlets (Google Podcasts, Stitcher, etc.).

We will share (and ask you to do the same) the interview on social media platforms.

I've filled out the guest application form - When will I hear back?

A member of the Sprout Team will review your submission and follow up within 2 working days of receiving it.

If you haven't received a reply, please check your spam/junk folder as our emails may contain links to relevant pages on our site to help you prepare for your episode. To avoid this altogether, simply add Sprout to your contact list!

If you're waiting for a time-sensitive reply, feel free to email again and let us know that it's urgent.

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