Step 1 - Apply to be a guest

Thank you for your interest in joining us for a conversation!

Please click here to complete the guest application form. A Sprout team member will be in contact soon after reviewing your submission.

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Step 2 - Check out our previous episodes for inspiration

We suggest listening to past podcast interview episodes for an idea of what to expect.

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Step 3 - My submission has been accepted - now what?

We can't wait to chat! Here’s what you should do next:

  • Schedule a time for the interview (if you haven’t already) using the Calendly link we sent you.

  • You will get a confirmation email with the Zoom link.

  • Make sure the interview is on your calendar. You can find an “add to calendar” link in the confirmation email you will receive after scheduling.

  • Please be sure to download Skype before your interview.

  • If you need to cancel or reschedule the interview, please do so at least 24 hours prior to the original time. You can use the links at the bottom of the calendar invitation to cancel or reschedule.

  • We’ll record both audio and video in most cases. A professional microphone is a plus, but you shouldn’t worry if you don’t have one. If you would prefer not to record video, please let us know in advance.

  • Email us if you have any questions before the interview.

How to prepare for your interview:

  • It’s a good idea to check your connection prior to our interview to mitigate any problems during the recording. (Take this network test to see if there is anything in terms of security that may be blocking/hindering your connection.)

  • Sit somewhere quiet and distraction-free. Put your phone on silent and move it off the surface where your computer is sitting in case of vibrations. Close any tabs in your web browser that may make background sounds (like Facebook).

  • Be mindful of your "backdrop" for video interviews. Try to remove anything in the background that may be visually distracting.

  • Make sure you’re using your laptop or a desktop computer, not a mobile device.

  • Make sure you’re wearing a pair of plug-in (over the ear or in-ear) headphones with a mic. Otherwise, Bryan's voice will leak into your audio track, which isn’t good.

  • Click on the Zoom link in the calendar invitation.

  • Once you’re in the waiting room, please make sure you select the correct mic, which is your headphone mic or professional mic rather than the built-in computer mic (the program will prompt you).

  • Have water ready.

  • The general recommendation is to speak slower (we all tend to talk fast).

  • Some individuals find it helpful to have a few bulleted points they want to cover.

  • Try to be yourself: the format is very free-form, friendly, and forgiving.

  • Relax and have fun!

After your interview:

  • You will be sent the publishing schedule and details of when the episode will also be shared with our email list and on our social media.

  • When we send you the visual assets from your episode, please share them with your audience.

  • We always appreciate recommendations for anyone else you think would be a good fit as an interviewee on the podcast.

Other considerations:

  • Don’t get too close or be too far from your microphone. 1-2 inches is optimal. Try not to breathe directly into your microphone.

  • Avoid moving stuff around you during the interview. Microphones pick up those sounds VERY clearly.

  • It’s ok to pause after a question to gather your thoughts or make sure you know what is being asked (editing will remove the pauses and questions).

  • Guests are sometimes quite nervous, may not feel comfortable with being interviewed, or have other technical issues and concerns. If this is you, let us know ASAP and we’ll schedule a short “pre-call” to make sure everything is working correctly and get all your questions answered. We want this to be a fun experience for you and informative and entertaining for our listeners.

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