Your data can easily be migrated into our software! You can migrate your data either with our Concierge service, or by using our Migration Tool. That way, you can save time, do more of what you love, make more money and give your clients a killer experience!

To migrate with the Lead Migration tool please follow these steps:

  • Go into Settings via the gear on the lower-left corner of Sprout.

  • Click on Migration

  • Click on Lead Migration

From here you will be asked to fill out additional details about your Lead.

  • When did they inquire?

  • What kind of lead was it?

  • When was the shoot?

  • Which of your brands was it for?

  • Where did they find you?

  • What is the status?

  • Why did they not book?

  • Who is the client?

  • Send reminders and follow-ups?

  • Who from your team is assigned to this lead?

  • Any other notes?

You can enter what information you still have in the fields listed above, if you are missing some details you can still progress through the Migration Tool.

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