With our Multi-User capabilities, you can assign individual users (a user could be your staff, a studio manager, 2nd shooter, etc.) to any asset that you create in Sprout Studio. That user will be able to see anything they are assigned to depending on their permission level.

Assigning a user to an asset can be done a few different ways:

How to assign a user to an asset during the creation

When creating any new asset in Sprout Studio, there will be a spot in the bottom left corner of the window that will allow you to add a user. By default, the organization owner or the user creating the asset will be added. Next to the owner/assignee, there will be a plus icon like below:

Click this to add a new user. When a user is selected, it will ask you what job role you want to give the user in accordance with this asset (i.e. photographer, second shooter, studio manager, etc.). These roles are optional and can be managed in Settings > Account > Metadata > Job Roles.

How to assign a user to an asset after creation

After an asset has already been created, you can add a new user by clicking the same "+" circular icon in the top right corner of the page. After you add the user, you can click on them again to either remove them from the asset or make them the primary contact on that asset.

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