Questionnaire allows you to build dynamic online forms for various uses in your business. They can be used for collecting information for an upcoming shoot, details for a wedding day or for collecting survey results from your past clients. 

Creating questionnaire templates allows you to make the questionnaire once and re-use it for various purposes for several leads and shoots. 

How to create a questionnaire template

To create a questionnaire template, go to Settings > Communications > Questionnaire Templates, and click the "New Questionnaire Template" button. 

A questionnaire can have any number of the following fields: 

  • Text Field, which is a single-line text field for collecting basic responses and information such as "Where are you getting married?" 

  • Paragraph Text, which is a multi-line text field for collecting more detailed responses and information, such as "What is most important to you about your wedding photography?"

  • Date, which is a date-picker for collecting a date such as "When did you get engaged?" 

  • Radio Button, which is a multiple-choice question that allows only one answer. This is great for collecting an answer to an either-or question, such as "Are you getting married outdoors, yes or no?" 

  • Checkbox, which is a multiple-choice question that allows multiple answers. This is great for collecting an answer to a "select all that apply" type question, such as "What are you looking for out of your wedding photography?"

  • Dropdown List, which is similar to a radio button in that it is a multiple-choice question, except it lists all the answers in a dropdown instead of showing them all on the page. 

Note: Questionnaire templates are not made to be sent to clients. They are made to be a template for a questionnaire, and therefore cloned for each client you want to send to. 

How to preview questionnaire templates

To preview a questionnaire template, go to Settings > Communication > Questionnaire Templates and click the "Preview" button below the questionnaire template you'd like to preview.

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