With Sprout Studio you can collect payments from your clients in exchange for goods and services including items like booking fees, gallery print orders, and wedding album sales. You can create as many payment collection methods (how you get paid) as you'd like (i.e. credit card, cash, cheque, etc.).

You can also specify which payment collection methods you would like to offer for each payment. This means you can allow a bride paying for her wedding collection to pay via check, e-transfer, or credit card, but can specify that a portrait client ordering prints in a gallery can only pay with a credit card.

How to create a payment method

Go to Settings > Pricing > Payment Methods "+ Payment Method" will open a window where you can give this collection method a name, select whether it will be an option on all orders by default, choose an icon to represent this option, and select whether this is an offline method (i.e. cash) or a payment processor (i.e. Stripe or Paypal). 

With each payment method, you will also be able to add any instructions you would like to give your clients in regards to the payment method they have selected. For example, if someone selected to pay by cheque, you can include who the cheque should be written out to and which address to mail cheques to, etc.

How to specify payment methods per order

When creating a gallery, booking proposal or order, you will have the option to select which specific payment options you would like to offer for any payments applied to that gallery, booking proposal or order. Click where it says "Settings" to open the dropdown where you can enable or disable the payment options for that order.

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