How to add a Booking Page to your Booking Catalog

With our Booking Catalog feature, you can showcase a curated set of Booking Pages to your clients! Your clients can navigate to 1 link and see all of the available bookings you're offering at any given point.

To add a Booking Page to your catalog, go to Overview > Booking Pages (on the left-hand menu bar) and select the booking page you want to add to the catalog. On the right side of the booking page click the "Settings" section and click the "Yes" toggle beside "Include on Booking Catalog".

Now you can manage how your Booking Page will look on your catalog. You can add an image to showcase what your Booking Page is about and add a description to further detail what this session is about or what it includes. Once you are finished, click the "Make Live" button at the top right of the Booking Page.

On the Booking List Page, you can see both an icon indicating the Booking Page is now in the catalog and the option to take a look at them as well.

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