With all of the different ways you can book clients in Sprout Studio, it could get hard to keep track of what you have on each day. We have the Dashboard Timeline to plan things when you're in Sprout, but what do you do when you're on the go?

We've built the Daily Agenda tool to help you see at-a-glance, everything you have on a specific day. You don't need to be logged in to see the Daily Agenda, you just need the URL.

The Daily Agenda breaks down every Shoot you have on a day and it shows who the client is, what time the event is, and who is attached to the date. We've actually taken it one step further and linked each Shoot to their One Page to give you the rest of the details of the Shoot.

The best part is, this page is printable so you can print it off to take with you if you prefer having a paper copy!

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