Schedulers in Sprout Studio give you a "hands-off" way of coordinating dates and times with your clients and eliminating unnecessary back-and-forth.

But what about when a client needs to reschedule with you? Unfortunately, until now, you'd have to manually intervene - cancel the date, send a new scheduler, and go from there.

That's why we built the Reschedule button for your dates. If you turn it on, your client can reschedule their date using the same Scheduler.

To use the Reschedule feature, you need to go into the Scheduler you want it enabled for and toggle it on in the Date Details section.

Once it's enabled, your client can reschedule their dates straight from their client portal. Sprout will load in the original scheduler to let the client pick from the dates you originally offered them.

As an added bonus, your client can also choose to reschedule their date from the Assistant email sent to your client! At the bottom of the email, you'll notice a "Need to change the date? Reschedule" button.

This is the ultimate time-saver and hands-off way to automate Scheduling with your clients. Cut down on no-shows and eliminate the back-and-forth so you can spend more of your time doing the things you love and less doing the things that drag you down.

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