As a photographer, you send a lot of emails to clients. You can respond to inquiries, send out galleries and invoices, and even wish your wedding couple a happy anniversary all from within Sprout Studio.

Regardless if you send these emails manually, have them sent out through a workflow, or they are sent automatically in response to an action (such as a receipt sent out for a payment), they will all send from the email sender you have set up in your account.

How to set up email senders in your account

To set up your email settings you will need to open your user profile by either clicking your profile photo in the top right of the interface and clicking "Profile", or by navigating to Settings > Account > Users > Your user profile, click "Edit" and open the "Email" tab.

When sending emails from Sprout Studio you have three setup options:

  1. You can send the email using our email servers ("Sprout Studio" is the listed option) and emails will come from "Your Name" and the reply-to address will be the email address in your user profile. This is the default setting.

  2. The "Third Party" option allows you to log into your third-party email account and Sprout will send emails on your behalf using these services. You would use this option for email addresses hosted by Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, iCloud, or another custom email provider. These emails will show sent from your personal third-party email address and replies will go to this address as well. (More specific instructions for this option are listed in the applicable email settings section.)

  3. The "SPF Record" option is for users who are a bit more tech-savvy and would like to use their domain to manage their emails by altering their DNS records. (More specific instructions for this option are listed in the applicable email settings section.)

You can have multiple addresses per user, which is useful when operating under two separate brands, or if you have a general studio address and a personal address (i.e. info@ vs. justin@).

There is also a spot on the email profile tab where you can set the default email for your brand(s) by selecting one of your email addresses.

Note: When drafting an email or creating an email template you will be able to select which user or email address you would like it to come from, out of those set up in your account.

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