Sprout Studio is web-based software and runs in your internet browsers, such as Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. Browsers download certain files such as images, CSS files, and Javascript files so that when you view that website again, it can load faster.

The files that your browser has downloaded is called a cache.

Whenever we release an update to Sprout Studio, we often update some of the files that your browser may have cached. For example, there may be a new image or an updated Javascript file. Most of the time, your browser will recognize this and fetches the new versions of those files and caches them. Sometimes though, the browser will not fetch those new versions, so it ends up giving you the old versions of the files.

When this happens, since Sprout Studio is looking for the new files but gets the old ones from your browser, it results in Sprout not looking or functioning the way it should.

If you are seeing images rendering weird, if the design of Sprout Studio is looking off, or if you are getting an error while trying to do something in Sprout Studio, this is typically the culprit, especially if we have recently released an update.

You should first try hard-refreshing:

  • Click Control-F5 if you are on Windows

  • Click Command-Shift-R if you are on Mac OS

If that doesn't solve the problem, try clearing your cache. Here is a page that shows you how to clear your cache on many of the most popular internet browsers.

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