You can send a digital Contract to your clients through Sprout Studio as a requirement to book you as their photographer, or just as a contract for them to sign as an addendum, cancellation, and so on.

How to manually attach a contract to a Shoot

Navigate to the Shoot you would like to add the contract to and open the "Contracts" page. If you already had a contract required as part of the initial Booking Proposal process it will be listed under the Primary Contract section.

If you would like to add a manual, additional, or amended contract to this shoot you can click the "Add New" button in the contacts section. From here you will have the option to start with one of your Contract Templates or create a new custom contract for this shoot. When you are done composing the contract, finalize the addition of this contract to your shoot by clicking "Add".

Note: Any variables used in your contract will be populated once the contract is applied.

How to send a contract to your client for signature

Once the contract has been created you will have the option to view the contract in the backend and sign it as the photographer or open the Link to view the contract on the frontend how it will appear to your client. Copy this link/URL to send the contract to your client for signature.

How to check the status of a contract

You can see the status of a contract at any time by navigating to the Contracts page for that Shoot and looking at the status badges on the specific contract in question, which will indicate whether the contract is "Unsigned", "Partially Signed" (in the case of requiring multiple signatures), or "Signed", and whether you still need to counter-sign the contract "Photographer Signature Needed".

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