It is important to set expectations with your clients in as many ways as you can - it is a principle that is deeply engrained in Sprout Studio in a variety of ways. 

A booking proposal is a guided booking process; it was designed to hold your clients' hand every step of the way.

When your client first views their booking proposal, they will be met with a Welcome Message you have written to greet them. For example, you may want to thank them for booking you, give them instructions on how to make payment after signing their contract, tell them about the expiry date of the booking proposal, and so on. 

After they have completed the proposal, signed the (optional) contract, and made their (optional) payment, they will be met with a Thank You Message which you can use to thank them again for booking you, provide further instruction or direction as required, and advise them of applicable timelines, etc.

How to customize your booking proposal message

By default, there is a generic welcome and thank you message in a booking proposal that we provide to start you off. To add a custom welcome and thank you message to a booking proposal: 

  1. Click the "X" button next to the "Sprout Studio Default" card in the "Message Template" panel while editing a booking proposal.

  2. Create a new message or choose a message template from your list of message templates. To create new message templates, go to Settings > Pricing & Booking > Booking Proposals > Booking Proposal Messages to create, edit and manage your message templates.

If you simply want to customize the Sprout defaults, click the "Edit" button to change the messaging for this Booking Proposal.

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