Email may very well be the most popular form of communication you have with your clients. Email Signatures save you time when signing off email communication. You can have as many email signatures as you need in your Sprout Studio account.

How to create an email signature

Go to Settings > Communication > Email Signatures and click the "Add Email Signature" button to open the compose window. You can give your signature template a name to distinguish it from the others in your account, such as additional staff, different brands, etc.

All the applicable formatting options available for the email signature are in the toolbar at the top of the compose text area. You have the option to import or format an HTML signature by clicking the HTML view switcher. Sender details and brand details are also available as variables in the top right corner of the compose section.

How to add an email signature to an email or email template

When creating an email signature, a new variable is created that can be used to easily insert the signature into the bottom of your email.

You can do this by opening the "Signatures" variable dropdown in the email compose window and selecting the signature you would like to use in that email or email template with your cursor where you would like the signature placed.

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