Note: This feature is only available on the Pro and Studio plans

Show off your book, thank you card designs in a beautiful Design Proof. Not only is it easy for you to create and publish design proofs, but it is intuitive and simple for your clients to view and comment on their designs.

What your client sees

Your client will be greeted with the Welcome Message you have chosen/written for their album. This message can give them instructions about the next steps, guide them through making changes and suggesting replacement images, and tell them how to approve the album design.

Once they read the welcome message they will land on their book, card design, and album cover page, with all other spreads laid out along the bottom of the page for easy viewing, and can go through the design spread by spread.

Making Changes

To make changes, your client simply clicks on any image or anywhere on the page they would like changes made, and can type a comment to you in a text field. If you have a gallery attached to the album proof they will also be able to suggest exact image replacements in this window as well.

Once they have made all the required suggestions and changes they click the "Send to Photographer" button at the top right and all the changes are automatically sent to you for the next draft.

Viewing earlier proofs

Your client can easily switch between versions of the book in the top left corner by clicking the current version number and selecting an earlier version, in case they want to reference anything from older drafts.

Approving the Design

Approving the design is as easy as clicking the "Approve Proof" button in the top right corner, which will be displayed as long as no changes have been made. This sends a notification to you as the photographer that the design is ready to be sent for printing.

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